Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

Our Personnel

Our team consists of highly qualified researchers and technical staff as well as very promising postgraduates

Evangelos Birbas

Current position in LBEET: PhD candidate

Short CV: Evangelos Birbas is currently a PhD candidate in the Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (LBEET). He received his Diploma in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Crete at 2018, while focusing on the modelling of microplastic biodegradation processes. His research activities as a PhD candidate at LBEET focus on bioreactor design and performance optimization for the production of high added value products including biofuels, poly-unsaturated fatty acids and waste treatment using Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), biological kinetic modelling (mechanistic and data driven) and advanced process control algorithms.

Research Activities: • Mechanistic and Data-driven modelling of photosynthetic and anaerobic bioprocesses. • Optimal bioreactor design and mixing evaluation using CFD tools. • Advanced process control algorithms for HSbio processes.