Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

Our Personnel

Our team consists of highly qualified researchers and technical staff as well as very promising postgraduates

Poly Papavasileiou

Current position in LBEET: PhD candidate

Short CV: Mrs Polytimi Papavasileiou is a PhD candidate in the field of Environmental Biotechnology, at LBEET. She holds an Integrated BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering (University of Patras, 2017). Her research interests focus on exploitation of lignocellulosic residues with several biological processes, including microalgae, towards production of renewable energy and value-added products. She is the recipient of an academic scholarship from H.F.R.I. for her research in biotechnological exploitation of rice hull with microalgae towards the production of natural phenolic compounds. Among others, she has participated in academic seminars and is actively enrolled as researcher in the INVALOR project.

Research Activities: • Exploitation of lignocellulosic byproducts with biological and physicochemical processes for production of energy and value-added products • Microalgae culture in various substrates towards the production of value-added products